April 19, 2009

Amanda & Arran

Claudia and I had the pleasure of capturing Amanda & Arran’s wedding yesterday. Our first wedding of the season, and it didn’t rain! Although, it was not without some strange happenings. The ceremony was early afternoon, so Claudia and I were up at the crack of dawn to head to the salon where Amanda and her girls were getting gussied up. Everything was fantastic. We continued along to Amanda’s mother’s house, stopped in for a little shoot with Amanda’s ride, and then headed off to the ceremony. Halfway through the ceremony (it was about 100 degrees in the church) I started feeling a little queasy. Once it was over and Claudia and I had a few minutes to get ready for an afternoon of shooting, I was feeling worse. Over the course of the afternoon and evening, I had to continually excuse myself because nothing wanted to stay down. Apparently Jeremy brought something home earlier in the week and it happened to rear its ugly head at Amanda and Aaran’s wedding. I was able to shoot, but not as much as I would have liked. Claudia was a trooper, though! She didn’t miss a beat. That’s one of the reasons we stress the importance of two photographers. 🙂 Here are some images we captured from the day. Have a great time in NYC, guys!

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