November 7, 2010

Carolyn & Cliff

You know when you pick up the phone and hear a warm, friendly voice on the other end? That’s what happened when Carolyn called me. We had been emailing back and forth and when we finally caught up with each other on the phone, I knew she and Cliff were going to be amazing clients.

Claudia and I had an amazing afternoon with Carolyn and Cliff at The Cheltenham Badlands. We’ve shot there before, but today the sun was high in the sky, there were hardly any people there, and it was a warm November afternoon.

We then asked them if they’d like to hitch a ride with us so we could check out some other locations around the area. They were amazing throughout our whole road trip and rocked every single location.

We can’t wait for your wedding next year. Hope you guys enjoy the sneak peeks. (I still want to put you in my pocket, Thumbelina). 😉

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