May 1, 2017

Downtown Toronto Engagement

Claudia and I are so excited to share Tyler + Bohdan’s downtown Toronto engagement session!

Each year we run a contest to give away our services for a couple who can’t afford to hire the photographer they really want.  We’ve been doing this for the past 3 or 4 years now, and it feels so good when one deserving couple gets the news that we’ll be showing up to tell their love story.  Here is their winning entry:

Hi Elizabeth + Claudia,

I’ll start by telling you a little of how we met: About 1 1/2 years ago Bohdan brought his very sick dog (JJ) into my work in order to get antibiotics (I’m a veterinary technician) I proceeded to tell him we were not a pharmacy. My blunt personality caught his attention (as it matches his) and he started making excuses to come in.  We chatted for awhile and eventually bonded over JJ’s case and soon we were meeting outside of my work and the rest is history.

Our wedding is going to be taking place at the Jazz Bistro in downtown Toronto on June 10th, 2017. We chose that place as it is where after a few months of dating Bohdan, working in Human Resources, handed me an application to be his boyfriend (He still reminds me I never did fill it out).  On top of that we both love Jazz and Blues music. 

We’d had the conversation fairly early on, as you do when you get older, about potentially having children one day and both agreed it was something we wanted. At about our one year mark together we embarked on the surrogacy journey, which has led us down a path of choosing a donor, going to lawyers and doctors, getting tested for genetic disorders and the whole lot. We are nearing a point of looking for a viable surrogate to carry our baby through to term and have put that on hold to finalize our commitment to each other.

We believe a marriage involves your family and your friends and so we’ve invited 80 people to take part in our wedding. With the costs involved in surrogacy we are keeping our budget as low as possible with about 10K dedicated to food, drinks and venue and 5K for the numerous other items that are sure to arise. All that being said, we would welcome the opportunity to have Elizabeth + Claudia capture our special day. 

Thank you for considering us in your competition!


Tyler and Bohdan

We can’t thank you enough for being so incredible and allowing us to document your love story.  We hope you enjoy this small sneak peek.



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