September 14, 2008

Kasia & Mark

The ceremony was scheduled to start at 4:30. The rain came at 4:17. Having the ceremony outdoors was a big deal. There were horses involved, after all. How would Goose and Maverick fit into the tent? They couldn’t. 4:35….still raining and Kasia makes the announcement that she won’t melt in the rain. Neither will anyone else.

Just as we thought the rainy wedding curse had been lifted, it came and reared its ugly head again today. But, it didn’t put a damper on Kasia and Mark’s dream wedding. After all, nobody melts in the rain.

Enjoy your “secret” honeymoon, Kasia. I’m sure it’ll be some kind of wonderful. And, have a fabulous time in St. Lucia on honeymoon #2.

Enjoy the sneak peek, guys.

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