July 13, 2008

Nicole & Kyle

It’s almost 5am as I sit and blog this entry. Claudia and I were so excited about Nicole and Kyle’s wedding images, we couldn’t go to bed without blogging these.

We had the most amazing time at Nic and Kyle’s wedding. We were laughing out loud throughout the entire reception. We’ve never me a group of people who are of quicker wit than the people we spent the day with.

Nic and Kyle were both troopers for the whole day. Nicole wasn’t going to let a thunderstorm ruin her day or her outdoor photographs. She hiked her dress up, grabbed some umbrellas and out we went. It was well worth it.

We hope you guys like the shots in the rain, during the tasty evening light, and through the “gale force winds”. Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your day. Have a fabulous time in Jamaica!

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