August 31, 2013

Sacha + Marc

Well, I can officially say I’ve been to Cuba in August. And guess what? It’s HOT.

Claudia and I had the absolute pleasure of spending a week with Marc, Sacha, their friends and family in Varadero, Cuba. Seventy-five of them to be exact. SEVENTY-FIVE. What an incredible group of people.

The first few days, Claudia and I really had the wind knocked out of our sails from the heat. Personally, I slept over 30 hours in the first 48. I know, I know. Lightweight. But, I’ve never felt humidity like that before. I used to spend summers in SoCal, and that’s hot. But, it’s dry. Cuba in August is like being in a sauna all.the.time. Wreaked a little havoc on the gear, too. But hey, chalk it up to a life experience. 😉

Claudia and I cannot express how grateful we are for having been chosen to capture this incredible day in your lives. The memories and the friends we made on this trip will last a lifetime. Just like the love you have for one another. I know that may sound cliché, but we see you two together. We see how playful you are with one another, we see how you look at one another, smile at one another. You’re not only husband and wife, but best friends first and foremost.

Thank you for your patience with this blog post. I hope it was well worth the wait.


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