June 20, 2017

Sharon Temple Elopement

June 10 was a really special day for Sheryl + Mike. Not only was it their intimate elopement at The Sharon Temple, but it was also the anniversary of when they began dating each other.

The day couldn’t have been more perfect. The sun was shining, and a slight breeze was blowing across Lake Simcoe when we arrived to photograph Sheryl + Mike getting ready together! When we got to the Airbnb, Sheryl was putting on her makeup while Mike was out picking up the 1966 Ford Mustang he had rented for their day. As Claudia and I were photographing the details, we discovered that Sheryl had lost a shoe somewhere between their house and the lake house. Not just any shoe. Her wedding shoe. She began calling everyone she knew (including Mike who didn’t answer), to see if they would go over to their house to find the missing shoe. Not being able to get hold of anyone, I asked Sheryl what her shoe size was and drove back home and brought her every pair of shoes that I thought would go with her dress. By the time I got back, Claudia was capturing some getting ready shots of Sheryl + Mike. I dumped a bag of shoes on the bed and said, “there’s got to be something in here!” Sure enough, Sheryl fell in love with a simple pair of nude heels with a bow on each toe. They fit perfectly and looked incredible with her dress. It was only fitting that I let her keep them. All I asked was that she wear them again for something special with Mike.

Shoe crisis averted, we finished up capturing the sweetest getting ready session ever. We headed 20 minutes south to the historic Sharon Temple. Sheryl + Mike are both Paramedics with York Region Paramedic Services, so we had arranged for an ambulance to be on site for some photos after their ceremony.

The ceremony was sweet, simple and full of love like Sheryl + Mike. Take special notice of Mike’s wedding band. Sheryl hooked herself up to a heart monitor and had her heartbeat engraved on Mike’s ring. We were absolutely blown away.

Sheryl + Mike had one more request after we finished with the formal photos on site. They asked if we could head over to their new home for a few pictures while it’s still under construction. The final photo on the blog is on a pathway lined with new saplings around the corner from their new home. They asked that we take a picture of them along this path so they can show their future children and grandchildren what their neighbourhood looked like when they started their forever together.

We hope you enjoy these sneak peeks, guys. Thank you so much for allowing us to tell your love story.


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Absolutely beautiful!

16:49 June 22, 2017

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