August 20, 2018

The Sociable Pub Wedding

This blog is a long time coming. Nearly a year, as a matter of fact. We haven’t been the best at blogging this past year, and we’re sorry. Life just gets busy, blogs get forgotten about. But the good news is, we’re trying to get back on track and have a bunch of new love stories for you to see!

Shannon has been one of my best friends for over 25 years. We’ve been together through it all. And I mean THROUGH IT ALL. When she first told me about Mike, I immediately wanted to meet him because for anyone who knows Shannon, it takes a special person to steal her heart. So, in true Shannon fashion, the first time she introduces me to Mike is less than 24 hours after I had Easton. There I was, laying in a hospital bed, looking like death warmed over and in comes Shannon and Mike with a bag of Rolling Rock to celebrate Easton’s St. Patty’s Day arrival. Through my “just having a baby fog”, I could tell that there was something special about Mike. He was extremely easy going, was funny, handsome, and the way he looked at Shannon…..I knew he was something different.

Months went by, I got to know Mike a little better and the more I loved him. He proposed to Shannon at Blue Mountain Village with one of the most insane rings I’ve ever seen. Shannon called me almost immediately to tell me the incredible news. Of course I was over the moon, and was bawling like an idiot.

Both Shannon and Mike have been married before, so they didn’t want anything over the top. And, it’s just not them. So, last October in front of their closest friends and family, they had an intimate ceremony on a friend’s property, followed by their reception at The Sociable Pub in Newmarket.

This wedding gave us all the feels. Especially me. Watching one of my best friends marry the man of her dreams was so incredibly emotional for me. I had a hard time shooting through tears all day. The joining of their children to become one family was amazing to witness.

Thank you for giving Claudia and I the gift to share your love story in pictures, Shannon and Mike. We love you to the moon and back and back again.


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