February 14, 2013

The Winning Entry

This is OUR fairy tale.

Once upon a time 14 years ago in my grade nine English class, the man of my dreams sat beside me. I never believed in love at first sight or the feeling people explained they got, but on that day I knew he would be the man I married.

Our relationship started out as a friendship, which led to a serious relationship over the years, but one terrible, terrible day there was a fight between us, which led to an ugly break up. My mom had tried talking to me, telling me it is a rare thing we shared together and the only reason we fight is because we are both so passionate in what we believe in. Little did I know Tommy and my mom had kept in contact for 2 years while my mom reassured him that I would be back one day and she knew we are meant for each other.

Tommy fought for my love and would show up at the golf course where I worked, would wait outside my house, call all the time and send emails. A teenage boy who poured all of his love and attention into me. Needless to say, we started dating again, and as time went on I had some medical issues (ovary removed at 15) that would prevent me from having children. 7 years later we were blessed with a miracle baby boy Hunter.

I graduated College five days before I had my little monkey, and from there we were parents. Tommy went to my father and mother and asked for permission to marry me because he wanted to do things “right”. To be there for Hunter and I, and to do the honorable thing and ask for their blessing. At this point we were only 23, both out of college with a baby, and Tommy was offered a job in Alberta as a Police Officer straight out of college. He turned it down because he knew my family meant the world to me, and Hunter was the first grandson to our families.

We struggled being young parents and decided it would be better if we moved in together and got an apartment to raise our family. At this point we are engaged and could hardly afford rent, never mind a wedding. I always would reassure myself that love makes a home, not a piece of paper. Four years had passed and still no wedding. We had responsibilities of our son and now the decision to get out of our very, very ghetto apartment because we were in fear of what poor Hunter was seeing (hookers, drug deals in the park, people stealing your laundry, marijuana smoke coming through the vents, the Orkin man visiting once again next door for bed bugs, oh yes, and those lovely little cockroaches that would skitter across the floor). We needed out and now was the time because Hunter was about to start school and I wanted him to be in a good neighborhood.

So with the money we had saved for our wedding we a bought a house. After signing the papers to close the deal I went to Shoppers Drug Mart to get Hunter some Tylenol and as I walked down the aisle looking, I passed the pregnancy test section and it had hit me like a brick wall “no period oh my god! No period for like….I can’t remember it been so long!” So, back home to the ghetto apartment with my pregnancy test, and yep you got it, miracle baby number two, my little Tom Tom.

Buying a house with our wedding money and finding out we were pregnant in the same hour? There are no words to explain how I felt. So here we were; Tommy and Angel 28 years old, have know each other for half of our lives, fourteen years with our 2 beautiful boys, and the house we have made home with our love and devotion to each other.

Finally on our feet and wedding is booked for August 3rd 2013 at the golf course I worked at as a gardener. We have a very tight budget because of our responsibilities. I know the importance of a good photographer to capture or special day but this will again be one of those “sacrifices” made because
I cannot justify spending the money on a professional photographer nor do we have the money. So, this is the end of OUR fairy tale. Can you please help us with our HAPPILY EVER AFTER?

Tommy & Angel

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