October 19, 2016

Fall Engagement in Washago

Every once in a while, everything comes together and magic happens. And, that’s exactly what happened during McKayla + Tyler’s Washago engagement session. We were scheduled for this engagement session the week before we actually ended up shooting it. The weather gods were not on our side that day, so we rescheduled. Trying to nail down a day for McKayla + Tyler was tough to begin with because of Tyler’s crazy work schedule and, October is hunting season. So when we had to cancel their first date, we were worried we weren’t going to be able to get it done this fall. McKayla + Tyler are tying the knot next summer, but they really wanted a fall session. So, Claudia and I headed up to Washago on the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend, and what a day it was. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we were so pumped. We had just spent three days at Canada Photo Convention listening to some of the most inspiring photographers in the industry. Claudia and I felt refreshed, and ready to slay this engagement session. McKayla + Tyler did not disappoint.

We arrived in Washago as the sun was getting lower in the sky. There is NOTHING like the evening light in the fall. As we began to shoot, we knew this session was going to be incredible. McKayla + Tyler were incredibly comfortable in front of the camera, and they have amazing chemistry. Every frame was so awesome. As we moved from location to location, and they changed into different outfits, Claudia and I became more and more excited. When we arrived at our final location, the home where Tyler grew up, we were stoked to get them into a canoe as the sun was setting. You can just see how much love McKayla + Tyler have for one another. It oozes from every inch of them. Claudia and I are so excited to share this session with you because we feel that it captures McKayla + Tyler perfectly.

We are so excited for your wedding next year. I know I told you we were going to throw our cameras away and retire because you guys rocked it so hard, but I think we’ll stick around for another season to see what you guys do next. We love you both so much and hope you love the sneak peeks as much as we do.


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